About Rachel Talks Tox:

I’m interested in the intersection of science and policy in environmental public health: How can we use existing and emerging information to inform the development of better risk assessments and regulations? How much, and what kind of, information do we need to have before drawing conclusions about health risks from chemical exposures?

I will use this site as a forum for discussion and commentary on environmental health news as I progress through my graduate studies.

Follow me: @rshaffer14

Read about my blog & my interest in science communication on NPR’s Joe’s Big Idea page: http://www.npr.org/2016/06/10/479584735/fojbi-friday-rachel-shaffer-talks-toxicology

About me:

I dressed up as Rachel Carson for career day in 4th grade, and I’ve continued to explore the field of environmental health ever since.

I graduated from Yale University in 2012 with a BA in Environmental Studies/Environmental Health. After college, I worked in the Health Program at the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) in Washington, DC. I contributed to projects related to TSCA reform, risk assessment, systemic review, conflict of interest in chemical review panels, emerging methods in toxicity testing, and Latino health community engagement.

I’m currently a PhD student in Environmental Toxicology at the University of Washington-Seattle School of Public Health.


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