Previously Published EDF Health Blog posts

Before starting graduate school, I worked in the Health Program at Environmental Defense Fund (EDF). During that time, I wrote blog posts on the EDF Health and EDF Voices sites. Links can be found below (in reverse chronological order):

EDF Health Blog

A gift for mothers (and daughters, and all of us): New tools for breast cancer monitoring and prevention (May 2014)

Unnerving developments in the state of the evidence on developmental neurotoxicity (Feb 2014)

Maybe not surprising, but still upsetting: New report highlights role of election-year politics in OIRA delays (Dec 2013)

NGOs ask Senators to investigate chronic delays in OMB’s review of TSCA regulatory actions (Sept 2013)

EDF comments at EPA workshop on applying systematic review methodology to IRIS assessments (Aug 2013)

My mother is not Angelina Jolie (May 2013)

April brings showers…and a flurry of new studies on the risks of perfluorinated chemicals (April 2013)

“Toxic Clout” shines a much-needed light on the chemical industry’s undue influence over toxic chemical decisions (March 2013)

21st Century on the horizon for endocrine disruptor screening? (Jan 2013)

Variety is the spice of … accurate chemical testing (Jan 2013)

EDF Voices Blog

Why Latinos are disproportionately affected by asthma, and what we can do (April 2014)

Toxic chemicals: The unwanted gifts that keep on giving (Dec 2013)

Either change the system or risk another “Silent Spring” (Dec 2013)

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